A visual narrative that engages gender as a technology of constraint

Like the ways we’re hemmed in but the stiches are different. Like can we breathe beyond the seams? Like how much is woven in place? Are you putting it on or taking it off? Like performing against polite praise. Will it be a nice trim if it’s shaven? Like I’ll touch you before I touch myself. Like to be in the presence of hunger. Like the language of survival can’t be spoken. Like I open my mouth anyway. Is the noose like a necklace or is that cut bias? Like thesweat and the swear. Like the way the light changes by just being there. Like where is the lining? Like what I choose to expose. Like the landslide away from the slit of your gaze. Like the way it all gathers. Like I’ll dart unpredictable angles when chased. Like the pricks that we flinch for. Like looking back. Like how much is tailored to a fit I can’t recognise?

Is that the pattern? I won’t make your signs of understanding…


A collaboration between: fashion designer, Anmarie Honiball; illustrator, Alettie Marx;stylist, Melissa Maxted-Henderson; and photographer, Bianca Theron.

Make-up and Hair: AlexBotha and Lesley Whitby (Lampost)

Photographic Assistants: L'Mri Erasmus and Claudia Monyamane

Stylist’s Assistant: Tatum Guercio

Images are for sale, please contact me if you are interested.

The Red Line


Collaboration with Anmarie Honiball

APRIL 2018

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